UNT Gaming and Esports is one of the largest chapters of Tespa, a national collegiate body composed of hundreds of universities across North America. Our primary aim is to bring together like-minded gamers at the University of North Texas by way of meetings, events, and competition. As we are strongly invested in the growth of esports as a whole, we also seek to grow the local North Texas scene by collaborating with other nearby organizations (UTD, UTA and more!) Additionally we have begun the process of working with the school to bring officially designated varsity teams to our competitive program with the intent of being a top school in the games listed above. For more information on our directors, coaches and players head over to the teams page and drop down the game of your choosing. That said, it isn't all work and no play. Every semester plan for multiple large scale events, LANs, and watch parties. We look forward to growing as a community with you in the 2018-2019 school year!


Do I have to be a UNT student to join?

The Facebook group is part of the UNT groups system but other than that you do not have to be a UNT student to join and take part in our events or meetings. Show up, bring a friend and enjoy yourself!


Sounds great! How do I join?

It's as easy as can be! If you are a UNT student you can find our Facebook group (UNT Gaming and Esports) or just attend our monthly general meetings. If you choose to pay dues and become a paid member you get a whole suite of goodies and benefits we'll go into below.

Do I have to pay dues to become a member?

Absolutely not. If you want to partake in the festivities without paying dues that's entirely possible. You may be limited in certain raffles and discounts but otherwise are free to join any meeting or event. We welcome people of all creeds and backgrounds that have a shared love of gaming to be a part of the community with no barriers to entry!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

What the difference between the two memberships and what does paying membership dues get me?

If you choose to become a Tespa member (20$), you get tons of Tespa related goodies; Dalaran Flame Hearthstone card back, HotS/SCII in-game portraits, Jinx/Gunnar/Blizzard coupon codes, in-game loot-boxes, a mouse-pad, patch, and shirt! With a UNT Membership (20$) you'll also earn the opportunity for more valuable giveaway items as well as reduced or waived entry fees for club sponsored events. Additionally youll receive a 15% merch store discount and a premium member discord role!

I noticed y'all don't have a team for [TITLE].

We are always looking to expand our supported games. Since just last year we've added four to our main list of varsity games with a plan to add many more. If you have a suggestion feel free to ask an officer for help setting up your community. In addition feel free to use the UNT Gaming and Esports general Facebook group to find people that want to play.

How do I join a competitive team?

Official team tryouts start at the beginning of every semester and the logistics/time frame of the tryouts are dependent on the individual game director. If you're a new member, there are established teams in place but if you feel you are good enough to compete, feel free to find the your specific game director for options. Varsity Tryouts will work in a similar fasion, run through the recreation sports department of the school with significant club oversight on our end.

How much are dues and how do I pay?

Yearly UNT membership fees are 20$, much less than most other student organizations. We will normally take dues at every meeting and event but if its more convenient for you to pay online go through our pay pal; tespa.unt@gmail.com. In the note be sure to include your full name, UNT Email, Battle.net Account email, Major, Student year classification (Freshman, Junior etc.) and Shirt size! Tespa Memberships can be purchased online at Tespa.org

When and where are meetings?

Fall Semester meetings are held on UNT campus In a room to be determined soon. Meetings are monthly and held Thursdays at 6:00. For an exact schedule of upcoming meetings (and events!) please check the Facebook group or the Discord server.