Justin Yoo - President

Year: Junior

Major: Business

A native of Flower Mound, Texas Justin has been gaming since childhood, finding his love for competition with Pokemon Puzzle League, and further with Counter Strike and Broodwar. Since 2010 his main game has been League of Legends where he has been able to reach the rank of Diamond 1, in addition to winning "Collisions Season Zero." Outside of gaming Justin has a love of all types of music no matter the genre and has held leadership positions in a number of organizations. 


Zane Castillo - Competitive Director

Year: Junior

Major: Sports Management

Hailing from Frisco Texas, Zane got his start in eSports with Halo 2 attending his first event at MLG Dallas 2007. The following year he competed at the World Series of Video games 2008 where he finished in the top 8 for Guitar Hero 3. With over 12 LAN events attended he would go on to compete in Halo 3, Reach and Starcraft II. Since then he has served in eSports administration for over 6 years starting with the Co-Founding of Starcraft II team Convergence Gaming. Now shifting his focus to the University of North Texas, Zane also captains the schools Hearthstone and HotS teams, while managing the competitive division as a whole.


Yuria Matsushita - Vice President

Year: Senior

Major: Painting and Drawing

Born in Japan but raised in the great state of Texas, Yuria has been console gaming since early grade school noting fond memories of beating Zelda: OoT with her mother in only first grade. As with most she was pulled into the MOBA scene early and now adamantly plays League of Legends. Outside of gaming she enjoys doing marketing work while listening to EDM as well as a love for drawing (outside of just class) and cosplay.


Ethan Vinante - Event Director

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

Ethan hails from Bedford Texas but was raised in the suburbs of Austin where he swam competitively for 7 years. He grew up on puzzle games, evolving into RTS and most recently MOBAs. When hes not buried deep in CS homework you can find Ethan working diligently on anything and everything related to the work of event planning for the club. 



Derek Dunn - Financial Director

Year: Senior

Major: Education